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Introducing SEO Macroscope

As a long time user of the excellent Xenu Link Sleuth, I’ve been wanting to have something that does the basic job of link checking, but also offers a few more features that I need to use from time to time.

SEO Macroscope main application window

I’ve taken a look around every now and then to see if there’s an open source application like Xenu, but have not found something suitable yet.

So, after picking up a bit of C# for another project recently, I finally got around to working on an application myself.

I started the project in late 2016, and this is still very much a work-in-progress with a great many features that still need to be implemented; however, it’s in a functional state already.

I’m developing this in SharpDevelop, targeting Windows only for the time being, and the source project can be found on GitHub at:

Currently, this is somewhere between alpha and beta quality.

There are plenty of bugs to be found, and missing features, but I’m already using this in my daily work.

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