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New v0.9.0.4b release of SEO Macroscope: Relativity

This will hopefully be the final beta of SEO Macroscope before I bump the version number to 1.0. Source code and an installer can be found on GitHub at:

Please check the downloads page for more recent versions.

I’ve spent most of the time cleaning up bugs, tuning features, and tidying up the displays.

Features added include:

  • Logging and reporting of relative/absolute URLs used in pages.
  • Support and detection of text-based sitemaps.
  • Cosmetic enhancements in overview and document details panels.
  • Added Remarks report, for arbitrary problems discovered during a crawl.
  • Implemented support for inline CSS processing, to find links to external CSS assets.
  • Query strings may now be ignored.

There are still a few bugs, such as the calculation of duplicate titles; but I’m finding that this is becoming pretty useful in daily work.

SEO Macroscope Application Window

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