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New v1.7.6 release of SEO Macroscope: Entitled

This release of SEO Macroscope enhances the keyword meta tag analysis for some legacy processing, and fixes some bugs.

Source code and an installer can be found on GitHub at:

Please check the downloads page for more recent versions.

New features in this release include:

  • Titles and descriptions are now included in the keywords meta tag analysis. Additionally, some malformed keywords meta tags will be reported as such.
  • Some refactoring has been done behind the scenes to try and make the crawled document collection a little more efficient.
  • New Recent URLs sub-menu under in the File menu.
  • New Status Code columns in the Links and and Hyperlinks overview lists.
  • Anchor Text columns added to broken links reports.
  • Experimental Save Session feature, to save and reload the current crawled session.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed error handling in AnalyzeKeywordPresence.
  • Added preferences option to re-fetch linked documents from external sites that initially return a 404 on a HEAD request. This helps to verify links to external sites that have mis-configured webservers, at the expense of network bandwidth.

Please report issues at

SEO Macroscope Application Window

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